Tundra Bar

at Preston Flag Market

Food & Drink

To Drink…

We’ll be serving mulled wines, fruit ciders, a fine selection of ales from around the UK, European Pilsners, Fruit Beers, Smoked Beers, Wheat beers, IPAs from the US and quality UK craft beers. Download This weeks Beer List

To Eat…

We’ll have the best sausages this side of South Manchester, plus some spicy vegetarian options…

A pre-cooked pork sausage originating from France- specially adapted to give the award winning taste. 

This spicy Spanish style sausage has won gold awards in three different countries. It can be eaten hot or cold and is ideal for salads and BBQ’s.

A traditional Polish sausage heavily smoked.

Traditional German style sausage.

Spicy veggie Patties – in pitta pockets.